Problem with accomodating

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Small Jaws, Small Airway It seems that almost everyone these days will need braces to fix crooked teeth or narrow dental arches.

Much better than the normal doctor's office atmosphere. My father had not seen a physician in over 30 years, and Dr. I found the Dr and her staff to be very helpful and friendly. First time seeing Doctor Sizemore-Ruiz, very informative and addressed my concerns.

T made him feel at ease and calmly and comfortably walked him through everything he needed done. Followed up with me days after my visit to see how I was doing. Sizemore-Ruiz shows interest and care for her patients. First time I ever left a doctors office happy and optimistic!

She has gone above and beyond many times for my family both in the office and in the hospital. She listened to everything and went through each part and explained it and decided on a plan of care. I have arrived at both my visits early and was taken within 5-10 minutes ! T explained the results of my tests so that I had a clear understanding of them.

"A big talking point has been our balance sheet," Barrett said.

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